Q. What is Wyoming Medical Center doing?

A. Driven by a time of unprecedented change and transformation in healthcare, our Board recently completed a strategic planning process designed to ensure our hospital continues to be well positioned in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape in our state, region and across the country. This process is part of the Board’s ongoing work to secure the future of healthcare for our community.

Q. Who developed the strategic plan?

A. The strategic planning process is being led by our community Board of Directors – a smart and dynamic group of local residents who are passionate about protecting the future of healthcare in our community.

Q. Why do we need a strategic plan?

A. Healthcare is experiencing a time of unprecedented change and transformation, forcing hospitals across the country – and especially here in Wyoming – to do more with less. The strategic planning process is designed to ensure our hospital continues to be well positioned in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Of particular importance to the Board is working to keep and grow access close to home. With that critical objective and the vision to always see beyond the horizon in mind, the strategic plan furthers our commitment to seek new healthcare opportunities and innovative solutions for the communities we serve.

Q. What is in the strategic plan?

A. The Board’s strategic plan focuses on four key areas, all of them with the patient at the heart of our work. The four strategic drivers include:

  • Advanced clinical coordination
  • Improved business infrastructure
  • Long-term commitment to our community for quality healthcare
  • Local customization and respect for our history and who we are

Q. Are we exploring affiliation opportunities?

A. Meaningful partnerships and affiliations and a willingness to embrace innovative collaboration are required to succeed in securing the best healthcare future possible for those we serve.

To move healthcare forward, our Board is considering the options and opportunities available to us. Financial capital for investment in our facilities and people, new clinical resources and more are required to maintain and grow local access to the depth and breadth of services we know we need for the future.

Our Board is just beginning to thoughtfully explore what some of these options may be, including whether a partnership affiliation with a likeminded organization would be the right way to secure and expand local access to the high-quality services our patients need and deserve.

Q. What does this process mean for patients?

A. Nothing is changing today, and no decisions have been made. Our number one priority is providing high-quality, exceptional care to our patients and the communities we serve.