Statement from Natrona County on Wyoming Medical Center Letter of Intent

As County Commissioners, we recognize the important role healthcare plays in Natrona County and throughout Wyoming. We’re committed in our belief that Wyoming Medical Center should be well-positioned to provide access to high-quality healthcare services to our local residents now and for generations to come.

Given the importance of healthcare in our community, the County Commissioners and County-appointed Board of Trustees have been engaged with the WMC Board over the past several months and are aware of WMC’s ongoing work to strategically plan for the future of healthcare in our region. During this time of unprecedented change and transformation in the healthcare industry nationwide, we appreciate that WMC has been proactive in exploring options to secure the future of the hospital.

Improving the health of our population and the quality of life for residents of Natrona County requires collaboration from various organizations and agencies. Together, WMC and the County have a shared responsibility in ensuring our residents have access to the healthcare future they deserve.

We think this step makes sense, and we’re excited about Banner Health’s interest in investing in the future of healthcare in our region.

It’s important to note no final decisions about an affiliation have been made. During this quiet period of mutual due diligence, there is a lot of work for the organizations to do to determine what the details of an affiliation may include. The work during this period is expected to occur through the Spring, at which point there will be detailed information to share publicly and opportunities for discussion with residents of the county prior to making any final decisions.